A group of
Business Women

Our purpose is to have an impact on the business
world and help creative ideas succeed.

Devoted to generate business growth & value, while building a Movement and Initiative that focus on empowering Business Women across the globe.

we are

Women in Business Ltd. was founded with the goals of creating a group of specialists with a passion to assist female entrepreneurs realize their ambitions. We support businesses at all stages of their growth journey with our broad range of services. We offer expert one-to-one and peer-to-peer business support, throughout our three lines of services.

The way
we work

We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to get an understanding of their business as a whole to establish and define the objectives and scope. As a global network of entrepreneurial communities, we then connect our clients to a network across the globe towards international growth.


We are a highly inspired group of professional business women who are dedicated in changing the business world. By sharing our knowledge & expertise, while implementing new ways of connecting, doing and creating businesses. We are driven by a cause, belief and a purpose in advancing women businesses.

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of experts. We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that share a mutual passion for technology and innovation, and doing excellent work for our clients and partners.

What Inspires Us

Women in Business is an movement and initiative, originally founded to promote change and attitudes toward female entrepreneurship.

An idea born out of passion for business excellence, while forming new way´s for business women to have an impact on the business world.

Status Quo

We challenge the status quo by covering all relevant topics to enhance women businesses, and push boundaries to innovate change.

Our services, solutions & tools are easy to implement with one purpose, to connect Business Women on a global scale to maximize their business potential.

Our Company

Is to make a difference in today´s business world, by fundamentally changing the way Women Do Business, by creating a powerful global community of like-minded Business Women.

Women on
The rise

Opportunities don't just happen,
We create them together.

Brendaly F. Albertus

CEO & Founder

Brendaly F. Albertus is a dynamic, energetic and accomplished business and leader. As the CEO & Founder of ABG which holds several “Women in Business” brands, she is at the forefront of strengthen the role of businesses women and connecting them globally to create interconnected business alliances.

She founded Women in Business Congress in 2012, then the consultancy division followed and the business platform was introduced in Q 1, 2020.

Catch up with Brendaly at any of our gatherings where she shares her entrepreneurial journey, her insights about entrepreneurship & business leadership and on creating a vision for growth.

Angel Nijskens

Angel Nijskens

IMG_6061 (3)

Maggie Lopez


Diane Marell

Successful Collaborations


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Upcoming Events 2020+

Upcoming Events 2020

Women in Business Congress 2020 We are expecting to confirm the city which will be hosting our 2020 edition...

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